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The most versatile traction boards AND the most versatile carry bag, all in one bundle?  Yeah baby!!

Snow Traction Mats. Sand Recovery Boards. Mud Gripping Tire Aid. Vehicle Leveling Block.

GoTreads™ does it all in a compact and easy-to-use package!  All that was missing was an equally functional carry bag.

Go Treads™ are a unique, patented tool designed to provide the traction needed to get vehicles going again when stuck in snow, mud, or sand. Designed specifically for large, heavy trucks as well as smaller vehicles. The patented arched grooves help the tool stay centered under the tire while adding strength as it supports the weight of fully loaded trucks. The deep, opposing grooves grip the slippery surface and the tire to provide the necessary traction to get the vehicle moving again, safely, without damaging the tire.

The smooth finish of Go Treads allows the snow and mud to shake off for easy cleaning. Go Treads are made of flexible, high strength, high impact polypropylene copolymer with special additives to give this durable plastic even greater toughness. Yet, with all this strength, they weigh less than 15 pounds per set (and they float).

For convenient storage, GoTreads fold to an overall length of twelve inches and the set fits snuggly in the TreadPack XL carry bag.

Bundle includes 2 orange GoTreads and one grey TreadPack XL.